Maggie Beer

In season now in Maggie's garden

February 19, 2019

Summer is such an abundant time in the garden.  Here are three of my seasonal favourites at the moment.

Figs- I am bringing them into the Farm Shop and The Eatery every second day at the moment.  It has been a difficult season for them for sure but as long as I can beat the birds to them there are so many ways to use them.

Tomatoes- Given our tremendous heat they've been slow to ripen this year; the heat just make the plants shut down but seeing the beautiful as yet green tomatoes makes me know it will all be worthwhile.

Sorrel- This is my wonder plant;  I keep cutting it back every few weeks and it never fails; it just grows faster than I can use it.....that lovely sour citrussy flavour as young leaves in salad or best of all a family favourite Sorrel Tart.


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