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  • “I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked, “Just what is this Verjuice you seem to love so much?” Verjuice, literally meaning ‘green juice’ is the juice of unripe grapes. In cooking terms, it’s what’s known as an acidulant, which gives a sour flavour to foods. Good food always has a balance of flavours on the palate and whether we consciously think about it or not, an acidulant is necessary to give a ‘brightness’ to food. Indeed without it, flavours can be flat.

  • We love the fact that apples never fall far from the tree – especially good apples like Saskia Beer. Drawing on her Barossa Valley upbringing and a natural affinity for food and farming, Saskia has the perfect basis to create full flavoured condiments and preserves in celebration of local produce.

  • The Pheasant Farm is the property best known for the location of Maggie’s famous farm shop, but beyond that it is a working farm, with olive groves, quince orchard and vineyards. This is where the produce for the Pheasant Farm range is hand picked and collected; from the very property where it all began for Maggie. Short run and completely seasonally driven, what is picked at the farm, is cooked at the farm and on shelf within days of ripening.

  • When one door shuts, another one opens….we are delighted to have the opportunity to now be able to offer a wider range of Maggie’s Orchard products, together with our everyday pantry staples, in our online store.

  • Hand picking from her own orchard has been a passion of Maggie’s from her very first days in the Barossa; the literal fruits of heartfelt labour, seasonally driven and nurtured over months to morph into something far greater than the sum of its parts. From trees over 80 years old, Maggie’s heritage orchard offers her the chance to share old fashioned flavour beyond her own table, and that is something very dear to her.

  • A collection of hampers to make gift giving as easy as pie. Even if the person receiving the gift is you!

  • It has always been Maggie’s thinking that armed with fresh ingredients there is very little you need to do to really let the produce shine. But having tasted the latest addition to her gourmet range, we’re convinced there is a simple amendment to that notion; Maggie’s range of new vinaigrettes.

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