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July 20 2017

I rarely have a lot of spare time on my hands, but when the weather gets cooler there is nothing better than long, slow cooking. One favourite dish is Slow Braised Beef Cheeks, and I know many of you feel the same way, as this is the most visited recipes on my website! I use a heavy based casserole, just large enough for the meat to fit into. Once the cooking process is done, and this can take up to 6 hours depending on the breed of the animal, allow the cheeks to cool to make it easier to trim any gristle. Another tip is to refrigerate the juices, this helps in removing the fat, then you can reduce juices to a syrup and gently warm to serve with creamy polenta. If this recipe is yet to make an appearance on your winter table, then wait no longer because believe you me, it's well worth the effort! -MB Read the rest...

Time Out

May 14 2017

Taking time out yesterday was an absolute luxury, having been working in every spare moment for the past few months (including weekends and holidays) on my latest book to be released later in the year. It was the first weekend where I felt free enough to get back to the delight of actually reading during the day.....on a weekend of course! I've had this book for several months but waited till I had time to immerse myself in the stories and having done so today I have to tell you about it... it’s a jewel! With friends we had visited Lino and Kim at La Paloma Pottery when lunching with Luke Sciberras at Hill End. This book brings back memories of an amazing weekend where we glimpsed the Food, Fire and Art (and music) that they live by. The stories and the amazing photographs of the artists who had visited and eaten Lino's food are so seductive. Hill End is of importance to me on another level and that is of the Ackermann's House, the house of my forebears run by a cousin Lorraine who has restored the original cottage and lives there.... such history and the amazing characters who call this historic village home demands a return visit! - MB Read the rest...

A Recipe Born of Love

April 23 2017

I've always been moved by the emotion behind the creation of the Anzac biscuit. They are a recipe born of love and necessity, a message from wives and mothers to their loved ones at war, little luxuries from home that would have meant so much to their men - it's truly such a lovely story.  -MB Read the rest...

Barons of the Barossa

April 21 2017

At the Barons dinner last night and so proud of my daughter Elli  who pulled together Saskia's menu, which I thought was perfect. Tiny oyster pies to start with two of my granddaughters, Zoe and Lilly, helping to serve. Then a smoked goose breast and terrine followed by Bollito Misto with my mustard pears and mustard apricots, Saskia's horseradish and a salsa verde. Great night and of course wonderful wines of the Barossa! -MB Read the rest...

Easter Feasting

April 13 2017 Video

Let Maggie look after your Easter menu with her selection of Easter recipes! Read the rest...


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