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The Summertown Aristologist

August 12 2017

Headed away for the weekend, Colin and I stopped for a bite to eat at The Summertown Aristologist, and I couldn't resist sharing with you the  four beautiful dishes we had: Read the rest...

A Seasonal Favourite

August 10 2017

I’ve always loved frangipane tarts because of their versatility to provide a flavour basis to seasonal fruit, but also because it is one of those desserts that always impresses far beyond the effort required to make it. Whether you add creme anglaise or the simplest dusting of icing sugar, it is such a beautiful dessert to bring to the table at any time of year. We have frangipane tarts as a rotating seasonal option, utilising whatever fruit is in season with the frangipane mix and sour cream pastry base, and it is a favourite for family and visitors alike! If you're entertaining this weekend and you're on the hunt for a simple yet delicious dessert, this is it! -MB Read the rest...

SALA Festival

August 07 2017

With Sally Etherton at her launch during SALA Festival. Sally is part of the team at the Farm Shop and has been for many years so it's so lovely to see her following her art! -MB Read the rest...

A Special Concert

August 01 2017

I had to get back from Melbourne last week to have fun singing with Charmaine Jones and her Jones Commentary, channelling the Carpenters at St Paul's in Adelaide for a charity concert raising money for the Butterfly Foundation. Always a thrill and even better that it was for such a worthwhile cause. -MB Read the rest...

A Lemon A Day...

July 31 2017

Lemons are as essential to my cooking as garlic, Verjuice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and quality salt and pepper. I use lemon rind in my game pies, lemon juice squeezed into the cavity of all poultry that I cook, lemon juice to curdle milk for a banana cake, lemons in jam to add extra pectin, in mayonnaise, hollandaise and vinaigrettes. I’m particularly partial to the Meyer lemon in desserts though. Although sweeter than the conventional lemon, it still has a wonderful tang, perfect for lemon curd, pot au crème, semifreddo, or a dense and syrupy lemon and almond cake. And because the Meyer has less acid, it provides an excellent juice for homemade lemonade. A handy tip for extracting more juice from a lemon is to pour boiling water over the whole fruit and leave it for 5 minutes before squeezing it. Or if you have a microwave, heat the fruit on medium for 1 minute and leave to cool a little before squeezing. -MB Read the rest...


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