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Orchard Stay

February 13 2016

The Heritage Orchard is very dear to me, holding equal measures of sentimental value and the chance to preserve an all but lost tradition of fruit growing, beyond grapes, in the Valley. And by rebuilding the original farm house, we’re able to continue another tradition dear to me; old fashioned country hospitality, such a welcome escape from the busy-ness of day to day life. There is something completely tangible but difficult to capture in words about being surrounded by the rhythm of the seasons, drawing inspiration for cooking by the food you can see outside your window, and the feeling of being nurtured that slowing life down brings - every reason for us to create Orchard House for guests visiting the Barossa to enjoy. Read the rest...

Dinner at Nomad…

August 11 2014

Dinner at Nomad….. buzzy restaurant in Surry Hills with all the scale of the warehouse it once was felt right from the first moment sitting at the bar right in front of the kitchen augured well from the first moment until I realised I’d left my scarf in the taxi; not any scarf but a beloved one I’d bought in Paris in a very extravagant moment. Desparately trying to phone the taxi company to no avail I had to put it into context and let it go and give myself over to how lucky we were just to be here and relax into it. Read the rest...

My Top 10 Cookbooks

December 01 2011

I’m often asked what cookbooks I have in my collection, and believe me to list them all here would make for some rather devoted reading, so instead I’ve picked out ten books with great recipes and techniques that I find myself coming back to time and time again for ongoing inspiration. In no particular order… Read the rest...


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